Therapy is a private process and everyone here at Riverside is dedicated to upholding our patients’ confidentiality. We are honored that some of our patients have chosen to post reviews about their experiences at Riverside Counseling Center.



“Jackie is a wonderful counselor and I am beginning to finally adjust to what is meant by a counselor/patient relationship, thus becoming more comfortable revealing more about myself.”

– G.P.

“The staff is remarkably friendly and helpful. They work so hard and it is very obvious! Margaret Zaepfel is a treasure. She has helped my family in countless ways. Her care is world-class. Thank you, Riverside!”

– Samuel D.

“Dan is wonderful! He’s a wealth of knowledge and always has valid, relevant info to share. He has helped me in many ways.”

– Nicholas S.

“I have been treated for depression for many years. Recently, I suffered from PTSD and Dr. Hall saved my life. He is a wonderful and caring doctor and stayed with me while I got the help that I needed. Thank you so much. Also, the staff there is very friendly and always professional.”

– Shirley A.

“It took a few weeks to be seen by my counselor as a new patient, but once I got in, it was very easy to schedule a follow-up.”

– Madelyn S.

“Thoroughly enjoy Riverside Counseling’s entire staff!”

– Erika L.

“Been a part of me and my family’s life for nearly 15 years. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are like family.”

– Tammy M.

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“Amanda George has been great to work with.”

– Justin T.

“Dr. Moon is a lifesaver.”

– Angie B.

“Riverside Counseling Center is top-notch in their fields. They provide therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists for adults and children. They also offer many seminars and group sessions, whether it centers around stress and anxiety, or dealing with depression, which at times requires medication. The front desk staff are welcoming and professional. If one needs to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, they have always accommodated me. Great place to take your children as well. We are so fortunate to have such a professional, knowledgeable and caring center as Riverside Counseling in our area.”
– Donna B.
On Yelp Reviews

“Dr. Hall has created a well-rounded environment in his office with kind and helpful staff, a calm atmosphere, and a real attentiveness to you as a patient. He has a level of care for his patients that goes beyond medical competence; certainly, he is very knowledgeable and aware of resources that can help from a medicinal standpoint, but he also uses conversation and respectful questioning to understand the entire picture of what his patients are experiencing…

I consider the care I receive through Dr. Hall’s office to be consistent and of high quality. I recommend this doctor with full confidence.”

– C. Cummings

“A good friend recommended Dr. Hall to me over ten years ago…Dr. Hall discovered my lifelong depression, and he has monitored my intense personality with knowledge, competence, and kindness…Dr. Donald Hall has restored my faith in psychology, in doctors, and in myself. I see him every three months. I have recommended others to his practice at Riverside.”

– Kathleen B.
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