Angela Hall, LPC

Specializing in Care for Teen Girls & Young Women


Counselor for Teen Girls & Women

Angela specializes in helping clients to find greater fulfillment in relationships and school/work performance.  As a counselor who is also concerned about the whole person, Angela encourages emotional, social, and spiritual growth according to each client’s personal interests.

Counseling Approach

Angela begins with a careful psychological assessment.  She conducts a thorough diagnostic interview to determine if mental illness is present and to ensure safety.

In therapy, she uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help women and girls overcome anxiety and depression.  Angie recognizes the importance of healthy relationships with family, coworkers, and friends.  She helps clients to identify unhealthy aspects of their relationships and to develop better boundaries.

Angela integrates academic coaching and career counseling approaches to help girls and young women to develop effective strategies for academic success.

Counselor Qualifications & Experience

Angela Hall, LPC obtained her Master’s Degree in counseling from Liberty University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from George Mason University, graduating magna cum laude.

Angela has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Suicidal Thinking at the Beck Institute, Philadelphia, PA.  She is also certified in Prepare and Enrich couples therapy.

Her research experience includes work in the Human Emotions Research Lab at George Mason University, where she studied the effects of gratitude on substance abuse recovery.

Her previous counseling experience includes crisis management and counseling teens with depression and anxiety at Virginia Baptist Hospital. She has led group therapy and served as a counselor for teens recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Angela currently work part time with the Emergency Services Department of Loudoun County Emergency Services – providing crisis intervention evaluations for hospitals and clinics.

Treatment Areas: Teen Girls & Women

Cognitive Therapy for Teens with Depression and Anxiety
College and Career Planning
Integrating Faith and Mental Health
Developing Social Skills

Healthy Boundaries
Relationship Conflict and Renewal
ADHD Coaching

Initial Appointment and Insurance Issues

Initial appointments can be made by contacting the Riverside front desk.  Angela only sees female clientele.

Angela welcomes family members to attend the initial consultation in order to gain a broad perspective of treatment concerns.

Fees for counseling sessions are $110/session.  Angela has reduced this fee from the standard Riverside counselor fee ($135/session) due to her decision not to enroll as an insurance provider.

Angela is an out-of-network provider with most insurance companies.  You may be eligible for reimbursement of out-of-network fees in you insurance company has this option.

There are also benefits to not involving medical insurance companies in counseling care.  These include greater privacy (no insurance record of visits) and, no managed care restrictions or preauthorization requirements.

After-school and after work hours are available.


Angela sees clients at Riverside Counseling Center in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Her office is easily accessible from Ashburn, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Sterling, and Pucellville.

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