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Understanding Psychological Challenges

Decoding Behavioral Patterns with Assessments

Psychological assessments function similarly to medical tests, with a primary aim to pinpoint the root causes of concerning behaviors and symptoms. Through specialized testing, psychologists meticulously observe and analyze behaviors. This methodical approach makes it possible to diagnose and design effective treatments. A prevalent issue among children is ADHD, which, if left unaddressed, can disrupt their academic growth and impede their future professional endeavors.

Additionally, between 5-15% of children under the age of 18 grapple with learning disorders in areas such as reading, math, or writing. Recent data from 2020 highlighted that 4% of children faced challenges tied to depression and a more significant 9% dealt with anxiety symptoms. In our comprehensive assessment process, we prioritize understanding these conditions, among others. This provides a solid foundation for crafting tailored interventions and fostering lasting support.

Assessment Overview

Understanding Psychoeducational Assessments:

This assessment is specifically designed for young individuals between the ages of 10 to 16 who might be struggling with challenges related to their academic performance, attention spans, or other behavioral issues. The process of this psychological assessment is comprehensive. It combines various tools and methods such as standard psychological tests, casual tests and surveys, as well as information gathered from interviews. In addition, school performance records, medical histories, and firsthand observations of the individual also play a vital role in the assessment.

Sources of Information for Children:

When assessing children, it’s essential to get a holistic view of their environment and daily interactions. Therefore, we gather insights from various sources integral to the child’s life. This includes reports and feedback from parents or guardians, their school teachers, and any mental health professionals who might have been involved in their care.

The Comprehensive Report:

After the assessment, a detailed report is prepared. This report will contain the results from the various tests and observations, potential diagnoses, and personalized recommendations for the client’s improvement and well-being. These recommendations are based on a biopsychosocial model, ensuring they cater to the client’s diverse needs in different settings, be it home, school, or social interactions. To ensure clarity and understanding, a dedicated session is organized where the psychologist discusses the findings with the client and their parents or guardians, offering them an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the next steps.

Dr. Scott K. Stapley, PsyD:

A distinguished graduate of the College of Health Sciences at Midwestern University with dual Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Dr. Stapley brings over five years of hands-on experience to his practice. He completed a pivotal pre-doctoral internship at WellSpan Philhaven, honing skills in psychological assessment and outpatient counseling.

Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian therapy, and behavior modification, Dr. Stapley exhibits a holistic approach to counseling, often integrating faith for those interested. His extensive work with children with autism, ADHD diagnosis, and psychoeducational support assessments showcases his commitment to comprehensive mental well-being.

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