Dr. Ben Crawford, DO

Psychiatrist in Ashburn, Dr. Benjamin Crawford is available for virtual appointments.


Psychiatric Medication & Counseling


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Psychiatrist in Ashburn Dr. Ben Crawford sees adults for depression, anxiety, attention deficit, and substance abuse recovery.

Dr. Crawford integrates Christian principles with traditional counseling for those with this interest and enjoys providing mental health care to people from all walks of life.

Dr. Crawford is an out-of-network provider for medical insurance companies. Most insurance companies provide some level of reimbursement of services for members with out-of-network benefits.

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Dr. Benjamin Crawford is a board-certified psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience treating adults. He completed his medical school training at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Dr. Crawford did his psychiatric residency training at the University of Oklahoma where he received awards for teaching and research.

He is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has been honored with the designation of  Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Crawford has also studied theology and graduated from Phillips Theological Seminary.

His experience includes work in psychiatric and family medicine clinics in the US, Africa, and China; including an externship with the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative in Malawi, Africa. Before coming to Riverside, Dr. Crawford served as a psychiatric consultant at an international family medicine clinic in China.

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