Katherine Arciniega, MA



Katherine Arciniega MA

Resident In Counseling

About Katherine

Katherine’s heart has always been in helping others achieve the best version of themselves. She counts it as a privilege as a therapist to walk alongside those as they journey through life. Having experienced therapy herself, she strongly believes in the power of therapy to heal. Katherine works to help clients to feel seen, heard, and validated. Katherine believes her greatest accomplishment has been supporting people to see the innate goodness in themselves.

Katherine works to provide a safe, therapeutic space for people who are experiencing life transitions, self-esteem problems, relationship struggles, sadness, and stress. Her approach is integrative and inclusive drawing upon the client’s strengths and goals. Katherine accomplishes this through goal achievement and behavioral change. She is passionate about client care and developing a therapeutic rapport. She believes in the therapeutic relationship and in the stories that are shared in that sacred space. Her goal is to create a safe place for clients to share their feelings without judgment.

Katherine holds a Master of Professional Counseling degree from Marymount University. She is currently working toward licensure in the State of Virginia. In addition, she is currently enrolled in the PhD program in Psychology at Liberty University. She is also a National Certified Counselor.

Katherine is a licensed Resident in counseling in the state of Virginia (VA License# 0704015092) and is under the clinical supervision of Bernadette Landry, LPC.


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