Jackie Fleming, LCSW

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Adults, Couples, & Substance Abuse Recovery

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Jackie Fleming earned her Master’s Degree from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She has over thirty-five years of experience providing mental health services for mood disorders, substance abuse recovery, and relationship issues. Jackies sees adults ages 25-60.

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I view counseling and therapy as a means of self actualization ,where people can become comfortable in their own skins. Problems causing pain in the present are addressed as well as developing an understanding of each person’s history in a way that allows the person to keep the positives but “unlearn” the lessons that interfere with current life satisfaction. Being understood and understanding oneself can bring comfort. I bring my professional training and experience to bear and provide a safe, confidential environment where this work can be done.
Self acceptance precedes change and is important in order to achieve the goals a person sets. Those who chose to enter a counseling relationship wish to be authentic where one’s inside feelings match their outside expression. I work in partnership with the client to accomplish this goal.
My experience has included providing psychotherapy in both in and out patient settings as part of the VA system , and in substance abuse in/out patient facilities plus years of private practice.

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