Loudoun County Couples Counseling & Family Sessions


Riverside Counseling Center provides couples counseling, and family counseling  online or in person. Call our offices to build on the bond and love between you.



Couple Counseling and Family Therapy

When one member of a couple or family is troubled, others are affected.  Treating one helps the whole.

Couples and family counseling may be combined with individual therapy or done separately.  Whether you start with couples/ family or individual therapy, your therapist will help you to decide the best therapeutic pathway forward. 

Family and couples therapy can be helpful in establishing healthy communication.  It may also be useful in supporting one member who is most in need of support.

Riverside therapists who provide couples & family counseling include:       

Patrick Clinton, LPC

Michael Ellis, LCSW

Jacob Long, LPC

Dan Towery, LPC

Nancy Welsh, LCSW

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