Christian Depression Book

Breaking Through Depression A Biblical And Medical Approach

In his new book, Breaking Through Depression, Dr. Hall discusses the changes in body, mind, and spirit that come with depressive illness.  The first half of his book tells stories from the lives of his patients to demonstrate how stress may injure the brain and lead to depression.  The second half of the book presents his SMART-Step plan for renewal: a mind-body-spirit approach to recovery form depression.

Dr. Hall specializes in treatment of depression in Christian clergy and laymen in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Medicine and Southern Nazarene University. He completed psychiatric residency at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he received the American Psychiatric Association’s Resident Research Award.  His research on depression has been published in medical journals including the American Journal of Psychiatry and Journal of the American Medical Association. His new book blends faith with medicine to yield a wholistic a plan for emotional renewal.

Dr. Hall is a counseling psychiatrist at Riverside Counseling Center in Leesburg, VA.

Archibald Hart PhD
Senior Professor Of Psychology And Dean Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Using cutting edge medical and psychological science, Dr. Hall provides a tremendous practical guide for anyone wanting to break out of depression. His ‘Chemical Cascade’ metaphor enlightens the reader to a medical viewpoint of depression. His ‘SMART’ model for recovery communicates an easily understandable pathway to healing. Most important of all, he provides biblical guidance for understanding what is commonly misperceived as a failure of faith. It is a book full of hope for anyone who suffers from depression!”

William J. Maier
Psy.D., Psychologist In Residence, Focus On The Family

“Dr. Don Hall hits the nail on the head when he describes depression as a “complicated problem that calls for a multistep solution.” Don’s book Breaking Through Depression is a must-read for anyone who has ever experienced the debilitating effects of clinical depression—or who has felt helpless as they’ve watched a loved one struggle with the symptoms of depression. I thank the Lord that Don has brought his scientific knowledge, theological insight and years of experience to bear in this important book!”

Paul Meier, M.D.
Author Of Over 80 Books And Founder Of National Chain Of Non-Profit Meier Clinics

“Dr. Hall has brilliantly and compassionately combined his vast knowledge about depression from his research and his personal experiences helping people recover. He not only explains the many factors that can rob us of our joy in life, including stressors, genetic factors and even faulty religious concepts, but goes on to also share with us a series of positive steps we can use to walk out of the darkness of depression to the light of joy, grace, and love. I highly recommend this book.”

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