Children and Teen Counseling


There are specific challenges for children and teens, and specific solutions to bring about healing, confidence and character.



Youth specific counseling 

Teen & Child Counseling

Our Trained Clinicians

Many Riverside providers provide professional help with the care of children and adolescents.  The following medical providers have specialized training in this area:

For Medication Evaluation & Treatment:

Nicole Ennis, PMHNP (ages 6+)

Stacey Lambour, PMHNP (sees ages 5+)

Christopher Wheatley, PMHNP (ages 6+)

For Professional Counseling:

Angela Brown, LPC (girls, ages 9+)

Faith Brown, MA

Michael Ellis, LCSW (ages 3+)

Christine Fleming, MA

Jacquelynn Hollman, PsyD (ages 4+)

Deegan Ivers, MA

Jacob Long, LPC

Scott Stapley, PsyD (ages 13+)

Dan Towery, LPC (ages 9+)

Margaret Zaepfel, LCSW (ages 3+)

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