Riverside Specialties

Below are several areas of expertise found among our counseling and medical staff here at Riverside Counseling.  

New Patients

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Riverside Specialities

Anxiety Disorders
Alcohol – Drug Counseling
Bipolar Disorders
Christian Counseling
Christian Marital Counseling
Depressive Illnesses
Eating Disorders
Fertility and Adoption
Mindfulness Training
OCD and Phobias
School Problems
Sexual Problems
Trauma and Abuse Recovery
Traditional Marital Counseling


Individual. Marital, and Family Therapy
Child and Adolescent Counseling
Child Psychiatry – Diagnosis & Treatment
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Faith-Based Counseling
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Medication Evaluation

DNA-Genentic Testing for Medication Sensitivity/Selection

Suboxone treatment of opiate addiction

Riverside does not prescribe Medical Marijuana