Resident Counselor

Eugenia Stokes, MA

Individuals 18+

Eugenia Stokes, MA is an individual and family resident therapist with nine years of experience counseling children and adults.  Eugenia earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Virginia Wesleyan College and her Master of Arts Degree in Community and School Counseling from Reagent University.  Eugenia received additional post-graduate training in family psychotherapy at Nyack College, in New York City.

She has completed post-graduate instruction in trauma informed therapy and crisis intervention.  Her internship experience includes work with the Center for Mind, Body Healing in Norfolk Virginia and the National Counseling Group. Eugenia is a past board member of Family Resources for Positive Youth Development

As a resident counselor at Riverside, she is working towards state-licensure to practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Currently she provides counseling care under the supervision of Dan Towery, LPC.

Eugenia specializes in crisis management.  She enjoys helping clients to find wellness within themselves and their families.  She provides kind and professional care to children, teens, and adults.

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