& Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

at Riverside Counseling Center

Our Medical Staff

Don Hall, MD


Donald Hall, MD is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine and the founder of Riverside Counseling Center. Before entering private practice...

Shelah Radke, MD

Child Psychiatrist

Shelah Radke, MD earned her Medical Degree from Case Western Reserve University and is board certified in both child and adult psychiatry. Dr. Radke earned her Masters Degree in...

Stacey Lambour, DNP, PMHNP

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Stacey Lambour, DNP, PMHNP is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She provides counseling and medication management for children and...

Dana Mohl, PMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dana Mohl, PMHNP is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Dana provides psychiatric diagnosis and medication management. She also offers individual counseling for children and adults...

Integrated Psychiatric Care

Riverside Counseling Center brings together an experienced group of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and counselors to offer you a distinctive quality of behavioral healthcare.

Our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are caring and professional medical service providers with abundant clinical experience.  Riverside’s medical staff will take time to conduct a careful psychiatric interview with you and to discuss with you the wide range of treatment options.

Our child psychiatrist limits her practice to children and adolescents and is board-certified in child and adolescent psychiatry.  She is mindful of the special needs of children receiving psychiatric assessment and care.

Our general psychiatrists and nurse practitioners each have years of medical experience helping individuals and families through the challenges presented by emotional challenge.  Our providers take a holistic approach to mental health care and will consider the roles of mind, body, spirit, and social  relationships as you develop your plan for recovery and renewal.

At Riverside, our psychiatric staff offers psychotherapy integrated with medical treatment.  We can focus strictly on medication management or integrate psychotherapy into treatment.  Our “talking psychiatrists” provide supportive counseling and cognitive psychotherapy along with medication management. Alternatively, we will work in collaboration with a counselor or psychologists if this is how you prefer to be helped.  Our goal is to help you rediscover the joy of emotional health and vitality.

Riverside’s founder, Dr.Hall, is widely published in medical and psychiatric journals and has authored three books on psychiatry and depression.  He has provided practice management for Riverside Counseling Center for fifteen years.

Appointment and Insurance Concerns

New patient appointments can be scheduled from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Saturday hours may also be available.

While our medical staff does not participate as providers with medical insurance companies, Riverside office staff will provide you with paperwork to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement (if your insurance offers this option).   You will be responsible for the deductible portion and co-pay amounts associated with your particular plan.

Many people choose to pay for their services without involving medical insurance companies.  There are several benefits to not involving insurance companies in counseling care.  These include greater privacy (no insurance record of visits) and no managed care restrictions or preauthorization requirements.

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