Resident Therapist


Angela specializes in counseling support of women and girls seeking greater fulfillment in relationships, school, and workplace performance. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive counseling to help clients overcome problems related to anxiety and depression.

As a professional counselor, Angela will perform a careful psychological assessment to determine if mental illness is present and to ensure client safety. Initial meetings will focus on identifying personal strengths and challenges, and developing an individualized plan for improved mental health.

Qualifications & Experience

Angela Hall MA, obtained her Master’s Degree in counseling from Liberty University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from George Mason University, graduating magna cum laude.

Angela is certified in Prepare and Enrich couples therapy. She has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Suicidal Thinking at the Beck Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Her research experience includes work in the Human Emotions Research Lab at George Mason University, where she studied the effects of gratitude on substance abuse recovery.

Her previous counseling experience includes crisis management and individual psychotherapy with patients struggling with depression and anxiety at Virginia Baptist Hospital. She has led group therapy and provided individual counseling for clients recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Angela also works part-time for Loudoun County Mental Health’s Emergency Services Department, providing urgent evaluations and care in local hospitals.

Treatment Areas

Cognitive Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
Substance Abuse Recovery
Integrating Faith in Counseling
Developing Social Skills and Healthy Boundaries
Responding to Bullying
ADHD Coaching

Initial Appointment and Insurance Issues

As a resident in counseling, Angela is working toward certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor and insurances do not reimburse for her appointments.

There are benefits to not involving medical insurance companies in counseling care. These include greater privacy (no insurance record of visits) and, no managed care restrictions or preauthorization requirements.

Angela welcomes family members to attend the initial consultation in order to gain a broad perspective of treatment concerns.

After-school and after work hours are available.

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