Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD and ADHD
in Children and Adults

State-of-the-Art ADD and ADHD Testing
Psychiatric Diagnosis
Medication Evaluation
Counseling Strategies for Concentration
Coaching for Organizational Skills

ADD and ADHD Testing for Children and Adolescents

Dr. Jacquelynn Hollman, PsyD provides comprehensive assessment of ADD and ADHD in children and adolescents.  Her practice is centered on mental health care for children ages 3-18.

Riverside has new state-of-the-art computer-based testing for concentration assessment.

These computerized assessments of attention are sometimes required for Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in school and college settings.

Dr. Hollman will integrate testing results with traditional psychological interview and parent/teacher reports to assess ADD and ADHD.

ADD and ADHD Testing for Adults

Dr. Patrick Moon provides ADD and ADHD assessments for adults over three visits.

During your first, Dr. Moon will look at the big picture of concentration difficulties.  He will evaluate for the presence of other common sources of concentration impairment including depression and anxiety.

On the second visit,  he will assess concentration abilities using computer-based Continuous Performance Testing.

At your third and final visit, Dr. Moon will review evaluation findings and a discuss appropriate treatment options which may include referral to a psychiatrist for medication management or a counselor for ADHD coaching.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Riverside psychiatrists are available for diagnosis and medication management of ADD and ADHD.  They may also be helpful in managing anxiety and depression, if present.  Our goal, in managing ADHD,  is to optimize cognitive performance in order to promote academic and workplace success.

Counseling & Concentration

Psychologists, Drs. Moon and Hollman, also offer individual counseling to explore the impact of relationships and anxiety on cognitive performance.

ADHD Coaching

Angeal Hall, MA offers ADD/ADHD coaching to improve organizational skills and time management – helping students to reach peak academic performance.

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